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It is Gif-friday. Albeit a sad one.

I just wanted to post this again because it’s the best.

Even Super Model Billionaire Heiresses…

can’t do any better than this.

Magical: Petra Ecclestone has shared a picture of her wedding day with James Stunt on her Twitter page

Life just isn’t fair.

A List of Insults to Use in a Pinch

Always have these in your back pocket for when you get cornered:

1. That would’ve been funny if a funny person had said it.

2. Maybe that’s cos you’re fat.

3. If you’re going to look like that, you should at least cultivate a likable personality.

4. I’m sorry your parents failed.

5. Well, I’ll concede, only because I feel bad about taking away one of the few things you seem to think you have going for you.

Please contact me if you need something more specific crafted.

You’re welcome,

A Mean Person


Best advice column letter EVER:

"My real fear is that June is neither well-off nor attractive enough to make it as a mean girl in Manhattan once she hits middle school. (The kids at this school are 10 or 5 percenters, not 1 percenters.) And while she’s a totally cute kid, she’s chubby with freckles and in need of braces. I’m sure she’ll be pretty, but she’s not going to be Grace Kelly. I worry that when she gets to the "big leagues" she’ll either be crushed or engage in risky/self-destructive behavior to make up for not being perfect. Although responsibility for her well-being clearly rests with her parents and teachers, I feel that if I ignore her tendencies I’m doing June a disservice. Moreover, some adult is clearly encouraging the behavior—and I suspect it’s her parents. Should I confront them? Or should I just keep trying to get June to behave better while she’s with me?"